congress and Study sessions

25/03/22 emotions and Translanguaging

25th march 2022

Discussion on translanguaging to understand how to relate it to emotions for teaching.

Guest: Christiane DONAHUE, Darthmouth College and Marie-Claire Lemarchand-Chauvin, USN

Work on a corpus of learners' writings from Darthmouth College: where do we find translanguaging and emotions?

21-22/04/22 international congress

21-22 april 2022

The whole ECLE-Emotissage team is meeting in Paris at the USN for an international congress.

With Fabienne Baider de U. Chypre, Françoise Berdal-Masuy l'UCLouvain, Cristelle Cavalla l'USN, Simon Coffey KCL and Jacqueline Pairon l'UCLouvain.

27/05/22 emotions and history

27 may 2022

Based on the work by Alain CORBIN, Jean-Jacques COURTINE, Georges VIGARELLO

With Simon Coffey, KCL and Valérie Spaëth, USN

emotions and assessment


The role of teacher's emotions in student assessment.

With Fabienne Baider, Univ. of Cyprus