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Emotion and Creativity in Language Education

Emotions et Apprentissage

Network : Emotions and creativity in classroom

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The aim is to study the circulation of emotions in a foreign language classroom: emotions experienced and learned.

Two keywords are important: emotions and language class.

  • Emotions: all the emotions, those of the teachers (from their training to their practice), those of the learners, those of the languages and cultures that circulate in the language classroom.

  • Language classroom: a place where learners discover and learn a foreign language and culture with the help of a teacher. Thus we are interested in the emotions that circulate between the two actors and the object: the teachers/learners and the language-culture.


This site contains information about research from different disciplines that can help in understanding how to identify and teach emotions in the language classroom.

  • a "Members" page where you can get to know us and find links to research on emotions

  • a "Papers" page for the publications of the ECLE group (not all the publications about emotions ;))

  • an "Meetings" page to follow our discussions and scientific meetings.

  • a "Links between disciplines" page to see how our scientific disciplines complement each other and links to the people who think with us and from whom we learn.